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Everyone thinks of changing humanity and nobody thinks of changing himself.

Leo Tolstoy

David A. Schwerin—selected writings

Know Your Soul: Bring Joy to Your Life

A Study of Schwerin's Thought on Corporate Social Responsibility by Wenhua Nan

“Solutions for a Better Tomorrow”
China Media Research

“U.S and China Environmental Policies: Same Planet; Different Worldview”
International Daily, a supplement to the New York Times

“Turbulent Times: All is Well”
The Times of India

“Politics is Too Serious to be Left to Politicians”
MilleniumPost, Delhi, India

“Technology and Sustainability: Two parts of a three-legged stool”
Green Herald

“Mind the Gap: Dangers Lurk as Income Disparity Widens”
Green Herald

“Enlightened Business Leadership - What the World Needs Now”
Green Herald

“What's Wrong with the World and How to Fix it”
Green Herald

“Expensive Discounts”
Worth Magazine,

“Globally Conscious Capitalism”
The Center for Frontier Sciences at Temple University, Phila, PA

“The Economics of Happiness,”
Seeking Truth, Heilongjiang University, Harbin, China

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One company cultivates happiness and encourages feedback—its associates feel empowered; they go the extra mile. Another shares the wealth—its employees think like owners. A third ingrains family values—its workforce feels connected and works with heart. All three strive to provide an enjoyable, rewarding work environment where employees have fun and feel fulfilled—not because the owners are bucking for sainthood, but because it’s a major component of their business success.

“Little Things Mean Everything,” Family Business Magazine

As we become more discriminating, our choices become more satisfying. We become more aware, more conscious of who we are and how everything fits together. Believe it or not, everything makes sense if we can only step back far enough to see the whole picture. We gain a greater understanding of what life is all about to the extent we observe our thoughts and actions objectively and dispassionately. We learn that life is not about seeking highs or avoiding lows, but about achieving a sense of meaning, peace and fulfillment.

“Self- Discovery at Work,” Holistic Living

Principles for Prosperity

Life is thought…Contemplate it
Life is variety…Revel in it
Life is synchronistic…Praise it
Life is creative…Unfold it
Life is dualistic…Balance it
Life is flow…Adapt to it
Life is generative…Renew it

Conscious Capitalism: Principles for Prosperity

Praise for Conscious Capitalism: Principles for Prosperity

… you better read Conscious Capitalism if you want to seek for something much more valuable than money in life, if you want to seek for the richness of human nature and inner harmony, if you want to be a new kind of entrepreneur with far-reaching sight in the 21st century.

China Business Daily, October 2, 2001

David Schwerin has written a brilliant analytical book which should make all business executives rethink their mode of operation and plans for their future careers.

Arlin M. Adams, retired judge, United States Court of Appeals

Schwerin goes beyond what we normally consider business ethics. He gives his readers a deep spiritual foundation for values in business, something that we've rarely seen in the twentieth century but that will surely be critical for the twenty-first century. If any reader wants to know what spiritual and ethical business will look like in the future, this is the book to read.

Susan Hyatt, founder, Hyatt International, Ltd. (

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