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The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality.

- Max Depree, former President, Herman Miller Company

"The first level of reality is what you think exists. The second level of reality is what actually exists. The third level of reality is what could exist."

Pathwork Lecture 162., mirroring life's inherent dynamism, is a work in progress. Work in the sense that raising consciousness takes time and effort. And work in the sense that there are many challenges to earning a living in our shrinking global village. Whatever our livelihood, we are forced to make choices—too many for most of us. Every decision is an opportunity to observe our imperfections and learn tolerance of ourselves and others. We see what enlivens, motivates and frightens us; our definition of self- interest is shaped accordingly.

On an individual level, recognizing our view of self-interest—from exceedingly narrow to broad and inclusive—is crucial to identifying our personal model of reality. The broader our view the easier it is to detect how our life circumstances—pleasant or unpleasant—are self-created. The world of work provides an ideal environment for self-study and increasing self-knowledge. Knowing is one thing; breaking destructive habits is quite another. But the rewards—less anxiety and stress; more fulfillment and joy—are compelling.

On a global level, conflicts arise because conscious awareness varies: divergent thoughts about reality, dissimilar views of self-interest, different levels of awareness. Belief in separateness and autonomy conflicts with that of connectedness and interdependence. Until we are conscious of our beliefs, we can't determine if they help or hinder us or what changes we need to make. The link at the bottom of the page connects to a questionnaire that will highlight your unique view of self-interest. The results may surprise you.

Comments on David's presentations and writings:

"The world needs visionary teachers like you, leaders who straddle the worlds of ethics and practice."

Tommy Koh, Singapore's former Ambassador to the U. S. and United Nations

"Conscious Capitalism pictures a more humane way of doing business…David Schwerin has made a remarkable, thoughtful, and helpful contribution."

Thomas Moore, author, Care of the Soul and The Soul of Sex

"When someone from the financial sector writes about business with a conscience, sit up and read! When you share his sweeping view of all the road signs of where humankind has been, should be, and where it is today, it's time to get excited about the new consciousness that is taking hold—even in business."

Perry Pascarella, author, speaker, former publishing industry executive

"Thank you very much for your visit … Your lecture brought us new idea and new thinking style... Social responsibility is an important issue for enterprises in China, especially in the transformation period."

Yao Xian Guo, Executive Dean, Economics School of Zhejiang University


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